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How To Find The Best Shoe For Any Workout

How To Find The Best Shoe For Any Workout

Athletic shoes are a big investment, and since it’s pretty hard to find a pair for under $100 these days, you want to make that investment count. Not only that, but you want to make sure the shoe you’re buying is the right one for your workouts—after all, not all athletic shoes are created equally. Here’s how to find the best shoe to fit your particular exercise needs.Unless you are prepared to purchase multiple pairs for all the activities you do, consider what you spend the most time on and use our guide below to make the best purchase.

Which Workouts Are You Doing The Most?


Traditional running shoes provide extra cushioning, because landing can generate a force of one half to three times your body weight. A good running shoe will provide a flexible toe box at the ball of the foot and good stability at the rear of the foot. The sole should be durable and provide good traction on pavement or dirt. Running shoes come in a wide variety of types including stability, neutral, motion control, and cushioned.

Stability Running Shoes:

Asics Gel Kayano

These shoes offer not only a stable ride but they provide a ton of great cushioning as well. The fabric breathes well and your choices include multiple colors, sizes and widths.

Neutral Running Shoes:

Nike Free

Most devotees to these shoes say it is like putting on another pair of socks. Light and well-cushioned these offer a barefoot feel while giving enough support for the neutral runner to keep going.

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Motion Control Running Shoes:

Saucony Stabil CS

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If you are a heavy pronator or have low arches or flat feet, this shoe will support you well. It comes with a roomy toe box and gives more comfort and cush than you would expect in a motion control shoe.


Cushioned Shoes:

Hoka One One Stinson 3

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