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6 Natural Ways To Look Younger

6 Natural Ways To Look Younger

I can’t help but notice all the marketing targeted at my generation, advertising both surgical and spa services that promise you that you will look younger…in 15 minutes. I personally have tried a few laser treatments (worked okay on some dark spots) and sclerotherapy on my spider veins with no success. And I can live with all of this.

What I’ve learned most about aging is that everyday activities matter make a difference not only in your appearance but how you feel inside. Eating clean, getting enough sleep, and building muscle are all natural things you can do to look and feel younger that have nothing to do with going under the knife. Here are six of my favorite everyday tips for looking (and feeling) younger than your age.

1. Eat The Rainbow

It sounds cutesy, but eating as colorfully as possible is one of the most natural ways to ensure you are getting the nutrients your body needs. Think about a day when you just felt and looked “blah.” Were you eating a lot of carbs, processed foods, or salty snacks? Before you sit down to dinner, make sure your plate looks colorful. Incorporate more of the following to your meals to get an anti-aging boost:

  • Tomatoes:the lycopene found in tomatoes helps protect your skin from the sun.
  • Citrus fruits: the vitamin C found in citrus fruits like oranges is a known collagen-booster
  • Bell peppers: eating brightly colored bell peppers gives you antioxidants to fight off illnesses and protect your skin from damage.
  • Leafy greens: packed with Vitamin A, leafy greens are essential for soft and supple skin.
  • Blueberries: even more so than other berries, blueberries in particular are loaded with anti-inflammatory properties and compounds that help prevent your cells from aging. 
  • Beets: the antioxidants and floats found in beets help prevent wrinkles in addition to boosting exercise stamina and helping eyesight. 

2. Prioritize Sleep

Okay, you know what you look like when you pull an all-nighter or you can’t sleep, so imagine dragging your body around with limited sleep for days on end! Sleepless nights can add up on your face, because sleep is crucial for producing collagen-boosting hormones, so when you don’t get enough, it can easily age you. Add to that the fact that when you’re tired, your blood doesn’t circulate as efficiently as it normally does, so your skin can look dull and washed out. Try to get as close to eight hours a night as you can!

3. Down The Water

You’ve undoubtedly been told that drinking enough water is the key to staying healthy, but that’s because…it is! Our bodies are made up of approximately 60 percent water, so the fact that staying hydrated is essential to our overall health should come as no surprise. Water aids in digestion, circulation, and absorption, and rids the body of toxins. Bottom line: your organs (and yes, your skin is an organ–the largest one in your body, to be exact) need water to function properly. As you get older, you can lose skin elasticity and get more fine lines if you are dehydrated. So drink up!

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4. Get Happy

Of course, it’s easier said than done, but if you can minimize and manage your stress and adopt a positive attitude, you’ll not only be healthier, but you’ll look better too. Cortisol, the stress hormone, can wreak havoc on everything from our waistline to our skin; causing us to cling onto belly fat and break out in an unexpected array of pimples. Being in a state of constant stress causes high cortisol levels; to combat this, try practicing mindfulness yoga, taking up a gratitude practice, or vowing to laugh more freely each day. It sounds cheesy, but it’s true: how you look on the outside is sometimes a reflection of how you feel on the inside.

5. Limit Sun Exposure

I am a sun lover and love the warmth and energy it gives me. But too much sun is unhealthy. While 10 minutes of a natural dose of vitamin D from the sun is good for you—anything more and you should be bathing in sunscreen. And if you are an outdoor exerciser and saying to yourself, “I don’t need sunscreen for my hour long run, I’ll just sweat it off,” think again. Even when you sweat, it will protect you. Just be sure to avoid the toxic ingredient oxybenzone. My favorite sunscreen is all natural SolĂ©o!

6. Muscle Up

Your muscle mass can dwindle up to 10 percent for every decade over age 30. Make sure you eat enough protein with every meal—about one third of your meal should come from a protein source.  And if you aren’t already, be sure to incorporate weight training into your current exercise regimen to maintain muscle and keep your metabolism revved up. Use free weights, your body weight and circuit routines to fight muscle loss and stay toned as you age.

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With a little effort and adherence to these tips, you will be looking (and feeling!) younger in no time. Just don’t be surprised when people tell you that you don’t look your age.

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What are you tricks and tips for looking young? Share with me below!

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