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11 Best Workout Headbands

11 Best Workout Headbands

There is nothing worse than being zoned-in on a good workout, when suddenly an annoying hair malfunction totally throws you off your game! Ugh! We have all been there, probably more than once. Let’s commit here and now to solving our unwanted hair distractions, and looking good while we do it! The solution: Workout Headbands! You can keep your wispies away while also making a fun fashion statement. I have a whole drawer full of them, because what girl doesn’t love options? Check out my favorites, so you too can free your face from frizzies!

Thin Sparkle Workout Headbands by Sparkly Soul | Athleta

We all need a little sparkle! Who can resist these headbands to add some glitter to your gear?

Sweaty Betty Anna Headband

The Sweaty Betty Anna headband is an awesome, super-wide headband that’ll keep your flyaways tamed and hair in place while you sweat it out at the gym! The sweat-wicking fabric keeps moisture at bay, and the width of the headband makes it perfect to cover up your ears to protect you from the elements if you take your exercise outdoors!

The Bolder Band Workout Handbands | Bolder Band

When you want your headband to be your motivation, look no further than Bolder Band.

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Luna | Urban Halo

Inspired by the Lunar tides, this headband is designed with sweat-wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry along with super soft, stretchy fabric to keep you headache-free (yes!).

Reflective Supervisor | Headsweats

Ok, so while this isn’t technically a headband, it serves the same purpose. This reflective supervisor keeps the sun and hair out of your eyes plus it has the added benefit of keeping you safe during early morning or late night hours due its reflective fabric.

Patriotic Workout Headbands | Funky Cow Girl Boutique

Add a little style to your workout accessories with this patriotic knotted headband. You will be a guaranteed trendsetter if you rock this at your next workout class!

Colorwash Purple, Blue | Sweaty Bands

Sweaty Bands has SO many fun patterns and colors to choose from. We love this purple and blue colorwashed look.

Jacquard Workout Headbands | Prana

Made with recycled materials, this thick-banded headband comes in pink and purple patterns all while providing excellent sweat control and hair management.

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Aztec Workout Headbands | Funky Cow Girl Boutique

This fun tribal headband is made from lyrca/spandex blend to stay secure on your head and can be worn wide, scrunched or folded over in half.

Gentle Ouchless Workout Headbands | Goody

A comforting fit and gentle on the head!

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